Client Case Study

Strategic advisory, business development support and chief of staff counsel to an event production company.


Client: Caspian
Industry: Event Production
Founder & CEO: Heather Mason
Core Challenges: Staffing, growth
Client Spotlight: vChief blog

What were the pain points you were facing that made you think you needed a Chief of Staff?
I was losing a senior staff member and knew I needed someone to replace her. Someone to bounce high-level strategy off of, as well as attend pitch calls with me to then move forward with proposals, contracts and staffing the projects. Having the person pre-vetted was huge. I had two candidates to choose from, and it was pretty clear right away that Kristen just fit our needs best. 

What skills does your vChief bring that complement your own skill set?

Kristen is a much better manager of staff being separated from the business by not being a founder. She also brings in other examples of companies, best practices, and a different diplomatic approach than myself. 

Kristen is my LifeStraw (the straw that makes streams drinkable)...There’s life before Kristen and life after Kristen and I don’t want to think about life before Kristen. I’ve named her “Kristen Holiday” in my phone because I can finally take a holiday thanks to her support. Also, I’m not somebody that gives out that amount of praise easily.

What are some examples of specific projects or tasks that your vChief has taken on since joining your organization?

  • Attending pitch calls and writing proposals 

  • Follow-up to contract and signature for new projects 

  • Analysis of process and systems to come up with templates and protocols moving forward 

  • Values statements to be agreed on by the staff 

Chief of Staff Services Profile

Strategic counsel and feedback


Business development input, including proposal development


Operational support

Long-term strategy to support business development growth

Internal process development

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