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Client Case Study

Chief of staff services and strategic counsel for a start-up consultancy.


Client: The Expecting Entrepreneur

Industry: Start-up consultancy

Founder & CEO: Arianna Taboada, MSW, MSPH


Core challenges: Strategic planning and prioritization

Client Spotlight: vChief blog

Being self-employed or working at a startup could mean entering into unknown territory when it comes to planning for a family. While traditional, corporate workplaces typically have a set of guiding principles and policies in place for parental leave, eliminating guesswork for those on the precipice of parenthood, small business owners often don’t have a roadmap or blueprint to rely on. 

Realizing this problem motivated Arianna Taboada to launch The Expecting Entrepreneur, a consulting firm serving as a guide for companies and entrepreneurs navigating paternal leave and return-to-work scenarios, helping them transition into this new chapter of life with as little stress as possible so they can focus where they want to. With The Expecting Entrepreneur, Taboada coaches clients in organizing processes to create a road map which can be adapted and tweaked in alignment with their particular business model and industry. 

Taboada started The Expecting Entrepreneur in 2013 when she realized she could have a greater impact through a startup model than continuing her work through public health. Today, she works directly with clients, books regular speaking engagements around the country, is a sought-after podcast guest, and has a published book, The Expecting Entrepreneur.

As Taboada’s reach continues to grow, she’s reaching capacity on being able to do it all herself. That’s where vChief was able to come in and partner in building her business and achieving her goals.


Kate K. joined the organization in January 2022 as chief of staff. Here’s what she’s worked on:


The most impactful and valuable areas where she saw value were:

  • Direct support of CEO/founder

  • Strategic planning/advisor to leadership ✅

  • Creating and maintaining external relationships ✅

  • Internal and external communications ✅

  • Meeting and event preparation

Taboada credits Kate as a thought partner who guided her to synthesize how her current strategies are working and what could be improved. Clarity and strategic decision-making have greatly improved at The Expecting Entrepreneur since Kate has joined the company, says Taboada.


“Kate planned and led some strategic planning sessions, particularly around shifting key language and company visibility. It was incredibly helpful to have someone take a bird's eye view of where we currently were, and help facilitate a conversation about where I want the company to be. It's hard to do that on my own when I am in the weeds day to day!”


More specifically, Kate was responsible for the following outcomes at The Expecting Entrepreneur:

  • Developed a new visibility strategy and calendar for execution through 2022

  • Pitched and secured five high-visibility opportunities (guest blog posts, podcast episodes, etc.) between Feb-April 2022

  • Revised and fine-tuned outreach templates and processes for speaking engagements

  • Led the submission of two grant applications


What were Taboada’s top three highlights of working with a chief of staff?

  • Having a sounding board

  • Their ability to guide strategic conversations

  • A second pair of hands/eyes on high priority/high stakes tasks


Next up for Taboada and The Expecting Entrepreneur is exploring an increased role in advocacy when it comes to parental leave from a statewide and federal perspective. Her big plans have been more manageable and more achievable thanks to the support of her vChief, Kate.


How could a chief of staff enhance your business? What big goals are you holding space for that we can shift from someday to today? Reach out to vChief’s business development team to find out more.

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