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vChief works with a wide range of clients. No matter their business challenges, we are driven to help them achieve success and enable their teams and leaders to maximize their potential and growth opportunities. We are strategic thought partners, expert communicators and skilled at meeting the needs of clients.

vChief is committed to the success of our clients

Leadership and Operations

Madeleine Niebauer
Founder & CEO
MBA, Columbia Business School
BA, Stanford University
Sarah Odden
BS, University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse
Chante' Chambers
MA, The Broad Residency
BA, Spelman College
Constance Kresge
Client Services & Chief of Staff
MBA, University of Michigan
BA, College of William & Mary
Matt Helf
BBA, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Industry Experience
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Chief of Staff Network

Sheetal Aiyer
Chief of Staff
JD, Emory University 
BA, University of Texas 
Danielle Blake
Chief of Staff
MBA, Columbia Business School
BS, Boston College
Alex Braha
Chief of Staff
MA, University of Denver
BA, George Washington University
Carolyn Carpenter
Chief of Staff
MBA, Northwestern University
BA, Hamilton College
Gabriela Christensen Ellis
Chief of Staff
MA, New York University
BA, New York University
Nonya Collier
Chief of Staff

MBA, Wharton School of Business
BA, Spelman College

Vandy Chisholm
Chief of Staff
BBA, University of Notre Dame
Melissa D’Agostino
Chief of Staff

MBA, Columbia University
MSE, City College of New York
BA, Wesleyan University

Nisha Dass
Chief of Staff

BA, University of California - Berkeley 

Bonnie Dilber
Chief of Staff

MBA, Rice University

BA, Emory University 

Jessica Cummings
Chief of Staff

MA, Columbia University

BA, University of Rochester 

Kathleen Fujawa
Chief of Staff

MA, American University

MM, Northwestern University

BS, Indiana University

Rina Han
Chief of Staff

MEd., University of Hawaii

BA, Wesleyan University

Naomi Jozovich
Chief of Staff
MS, City University of New York BA, University of Idaho
Lindsay Hoag
Chief of Staff

MBA, Boston University
BA, Wellesley College

Kristen Lange
Chief of Staff
 MPA, Arizona State University
BS, Bloomsburg University
Beth Jacobs
Chief of Staff

MBA, Virginia Commonwealth

BA, Virginia Commonwealth

Abby Wentworth Joseph
Chief of Staff
MA, Loyola Marymount University
BA, The College of New Jersey
Melissa Moore
Chief of Staff

MBA, Cornell University
BS, Boston University

Demetria Murphy
Chief of Staff

BS, Georgetown University

Karen Ott
Chief of Staff

MNM, DePaul University
BA, University of Notre Dame

Emily Smith Pirrello
Chief of Staff

MS, University of Georgia
BS, Purdue University

Julia Steege-Reimann
Chief of Staff

MA, Harvard University
MA, Concordia University
BA, Northwestern University

Sarah Sandelius
Chief of Staff
JD, University of Virginia
BA, Cornell University
Jenn Barr Weiss
Chief of Staff
MAT, American University
BA, Claremont McKenna College
Chris Wimbush 
Chief of Staff
MBA Candidate, Babson College
JD, University of Virginia 
BA, The George Washington University
Kara Zohn 
Chief of Staff
MBA, University of Michigan
BS, California Polytechnic University
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