Interim Leadership Staffing Services

Interim leadership can help push an organization to new heights

As companies grow, evolve and consider new growth opportunities, there is the potential direct impact on team structure, culture and leadership. As part of these changes, teams are often faced with unexpected staffing challenges; a team member pursues another opportunity within the organization or an individual departs the company for a key competitor, leaving the team at a critical time with a high-level of risk. vChief helps organizations solve these challenges by staffing interim leadership roles with highly educated and experienced network of professionals.

​Interim Leadership Staffing Services

Companies today are facing far greater challenges than ever before in the face of increased growth opportunities, competition and use of technology. As part of these changes, company leadership and management teams are often faced with new team dynamics, which can result in unexpected staff departures, reduced bandwidth due to maternity and paternity leave as well as other temporary resourcing gaps.


It is in these moments that vChief's extensive talent pool offers tailored expertise to an organization. Its virtual network and turn-key approach to on-boarding not only delivers interim support at the exact time when it is needed, but reduces overall team disruption and downtime allowing a team to maintain its progress when it needs it most. 

Interim leaders can help an organization fill key leadership and advisory roles

Many teams are faced with temporary or unexpected departures due to career development opportunities, illness or maternity leave. vChief can help fill those needs with a variety of roles, including:

  • Interim Executive Director

  • Interim Chief Operating Officer

  • Interim Chief Talent Officer

  • Interim Communications Director

  • Interim Human Resources Director



"I was often told that if I got a Chief of Staff my life would change, but now I know it from experience. My days are spent the way a CEO should spend them now, and our business is booked farther in advance then we ever had bookings before. We’re a more efficient, well-run business because of her addition." 

Does your organization need interim talent?

Need help asking the right questions or figuring out where a Chief of Staff fits within your team structure? Download our starter guide.

"I really didn’t have the time to scope out every single special project and manage a contractor - so the model of vChief providing a highly competent team member to embedded themselves in our work was a perfect fit for us."