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Forbes - Young Entrepreneur Council Women | Stop Selling And Start Connecting: Seven Actionable Methods For Salespeople
vChief Founder Maddy Niebauer is featured on's Young Entrepreneur Concil blog. She and others provide actionable steps for sales professionals to help build genuine connections with potential clients and garner future success through their relationships. Read More...


Forbes - Young Entrepreneur Council Women | Can't Find The Talent You Need? Be Flexible
vChief Founder Maddy Niebauer wrote a piece for in collaboration with the Young Entrepreneur Council. The article highlights the value of adopting a flexible hiring model to attract talent, including offering remote opportunities, part-time roles to supplement capacity gaps, flex time and providing a range of benefits that are meaningful to prospective employees and represent your organization's values. Read More...


The Bridgespan Group | Leaders, Are You Setting Personal Strategic Priorities?
vChief founder, Maddy Niebauer, provides the framework and a series of tools to help you create your own set of personal strategic priorities to support your organization and your team, as well as identify areas where you can best spend your time, attention, and energy. Read More...


The Bridgespan Group | Six Steps for Managing Workflow During Unexpected Staff Departures
When an employee departs unexpectedly, a nonprofit organization needs to be able to quickly cover his or her key responsibilities and create a plan for filling the role. The steps outlined in this article can help you effectively manage workflow during this time of transition. Read More...


The Bridgespan Group | What Is a Chief of Staff and When Do You Need One?
A chief of staff acts as a nonprofit leader's right hand, helping free up time so they can better focus on those things that will have the most impact. This article looks at the role in-depth, highlighting potential responsibilities of a chief of staff, the benefits or having one, and several attributes of chiefs of staff that lead to success. Read More...


The Corporate Board | Do CEOs Need a Chief of Staff?
In the corporate world, the chief of staff role has become more common. Most CEOs of large corporations have a chief of staff, or someone who plays a similar role. Executives and corporate boards should consider whether the time is right to invest in a chief of staff. What benefits it can bring, and how do you find somebody who can excel as a CEO chief of staff. Read More...


Doyenne | Featured Entrepreneur - Maddy Niebauer
Doyenne Madison sits down with vChief Founder, Maddy Niebauer, to discuss entrepreneurship, the challenges of a start-up business and life as a business leader. Read More...


Fine Point Consulting | Leaders & Influencers: Maddy Niebauer
In Fine Point Consulting's continuing series on Madison leaders and influencers, Maddy Niebauer, provides insight as to how her virtual chief of staff network effectively supports executives from a variety of industries. Read More...


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