Partner Spotlight: Belay

Maybe you answered emails during your daughter’s soccer game.

Or maybe you told your loved ones you couldn’t take a vacation this year.

You spend more time and energy reacting throughout your day instead of being proactive.

Or maybe you pulled an all-nighter to handle your expense reporting, choosing work over sleep. Again.

Maybe you went out to celebrate your anniversary, but you were so distracted by intrusive thoughts about work that you can’t remember what you ate.

Sound familiar?

Let’s get uncomfortably honest here: How long has it been since you were fully present? How long has it been since you’ve been able to fully disconnect from work?

The bad news? Probably too long.

The good news? Help – the right help – is just a phone call away.

Our partner, BELAY, has the right Virtual Assistant for you.

Their Virtual Assistants equip busy leaders with the support they need to accomplish more – while juggling less – to grow their business by (re-)focusing on what really matters.

In fact, we’ve found that clients often enjoy working with both an assistant and a chief of staff, with each focusing on a different set of duties. The assistant is often more logistical and administrative, and the chief of staff more strategic and project-focused.

And there is a multitude of tasks that can be delegated to Virtual Assistant from BELAY. Some common areas include traditional administrative duties, such as …

  • Email management

  • Calendar management

  • Travel planning

  • Expense reporting

  • Voicemail management, and follow-up

  • Research

  • Tracking deliverables

  • Social media

A Case Study In Getting Help

For BELAY client Tim Sweetman, Owner/Operator of a Chick-fil-A in Delaware, he understood the multiplying effects after seeing how it benefited other busy leaders with dedicated help.

“I started seeing that [other leaders] were simply taking their 40 hours a week and able to double that without putting additional effort in,” Tim explained. “The other piece was I personally have struggled with staying on top of every small detail while also trying to focus on creating a culture, building an organization.”

Without an assistant, Tim had to focus on everything at once – and things just inevitably slipped through the cracks. And, as Tim admits, some of those things were really important.

So he reached out to BELAY.

BELAY paired him with Virtual Assistant Tammi who quickly alleviated many of the administrative demands on Tim’s time so he could focus on culture, growth, and the big picture.

First, it was the emails. The “hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of emails.” Then, it was everything else.

“I assist with email, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, HR, team communication, his personal communication, trip-planning, and appointment-scheduling,” Tammi shared. “I assist with scheduling interviews, contacting those that are interested in having an interview – the whole process. Whether it’s the first interview, second interview, final interview, onboarding, getting them in the system, getting their direct deposit set up, getting their uniforms, I keep in touch with them throughout.”

And with that, Tim could refocus on what he loves most: selling chicken.

“My life changed,” Tim said. “What we do is sell chicken. I didn’t get into the business to do administrative work or sit in the office; I got into the business because I wanted to serve people.”

“I just can’t imagine going through some of the challenges of opening a new restaurant without support. I just don’t know how it would’ve made it. I don’t know how I would’ve been able to accomplish it without [her] help.

“Even if it’s just your wife turning to you and saying, ‘I get to see you a lot more than I did before.’ That’s really important.”

Tim’s Story Can Be Yours, Too

Much like Tim, most leaders struggle to staff with the right people as they grow. They need a team, but let’s face it – hiring is complicated.

And that’s where BELAY comes in.

Because whether you need a highly vetted U.S.-based Virtual Assistant, Bookkeeper, Social Media Manager, or Web Specialist, BELAY has the right person ready to help – without the added stress of having to do everything on your own.

Their proprietary matching process pairs you with contractors who are accepted by standards more rigorous than Harvard's, only accepting just over three percent of those who apply.

Here’s the soup-to-nuts, everything-you-need-to-know peek behind the BELAY curtain.

Step 1. Sales Call

Meet with your Solutions Consultant to identify your exact needs and pain points to determine if BELAY is a fit. If so, they will send you an agreement to sign and you’ll be assigned a Client Success Consultant.

Step 2. Discovery Call

Meet with your Client Success Consultant to deep dive into your tasks, tools, culture and personality requirements to ensure you’re matched with the right talent.

Step 3. Placement Process: BELAY’s Secret Sauce

Your Client Success Consultant will meet with the Placement Team to discuss, vet and select 2-3 top candidates from our bench of nearly 1,500 U.S.-based talent. Then, your Client Success Consultant will interview and select the best candidate for you based on our discovery call.

Step 4. Kickoff Call

You, your Client Success Consultant and your talent will have a kickoff call – the official start to your partnership – to meet your talent, set initial goals, discuss communication plans, and set yourselves up for success.

Step 5. Onboarding

Your Client Success Consultant stays close in the first few weeks to provide high-touch relational service to guide you through our proven onboarding process.

Step 6. Nurturing

You will have ongoing check-ins to support both you and your talent throughout your partnership with BELAY.

Write Your Own Success Story

So now, instead of managing minutia better left to someone else, you can spend more time doing what only you can do: Growing your organization.

Accomplish More. Juggle Less. Modern Staffing From BELAY.