Virtual Chief of Staff and Interim Leadership Services

Maximize your team’s potential

Need a better way to maximize your team’s effectiveness? vChief’s experienced chief of staff network helps support your organization through a variety of services including strategic planning, operations, human resources, communications and team management. This allows your business leaders to maximize their time and more effectively lead transformational projects, teams, business units and organizations.

  • Virtual Chief of Staff Services

    Organizations across a variety industries use a chief of staff as part of an executive support model.
    vChief provides chief of staff services to leaders and executives at start-ups, small businesses, non-profits and education-based organizations. This support model is perfect for leaders who need to focus on large strategic initiatives and maximize their impact across the full organization, but don't need this role in a full-time capacity.

    A chief of staff can have many responsibilities.

    A chief of staff supports leaders in helping move their organizations forward by supporting large strategic initiatives, prioritizing key projects and enabling team growth. Key responsibilities include:

    • Strategic time management and prioritization

    • Project management

    • Resourcing

    • Strategic planning

    • Internal and external communications

  • Interim Leadership Staffing

    vChief helps teams through unexpected staff departures, maternity leave and other temporary resourcing gaps.

    vChief's virtual model enables clients to get the support they need anytime, anywhere to work through unexpected talent resourcing challenges. vChief's extensive talent pool offers tailored expertise to an organization which minimizes disruption while allowing a team to maintain its progress on key projects on initiatives. 

    vChief offers a flexible and scalable support model.

    vChief's virtual network not only delivers interim support at the exact time when it is needed, it can scale as resourcing and project needs evolve. vChief provides support across a variety of interim roles and functions, including:

    • Interim Executive Director

    • Interim Chief Operating Officer

    • Interim Chief Talent Officer

    • Interim Communications Director

    • Interim Human Resources Director

"She is a strong executor, incredibly detailed-oriented and organized, and so easy to work with. She more than fills a need - she has added tremendous value and thought partnership." 

How can a vChief chief of staff support your team?

Strategic Planning

Our virtual chiefs of staffs serve as valuable strategic advisors, fostering approach and implementation plans


vChief consultants help design and implement systems and process that allow your organization to grow.

Project Management

vChief leads project planning and execution, ensuring team alignment on scope, deliverables and budget.


Our experienced team can provide internal and external support for speeches, presentations and reports.

"vChief has given me peace of mind by allowing me to entrust important projects to my chief of staff. I know the work will be done thoroughly and competently." 

Does your organization need a virtual chief of staff?

Need help asking the right questions or figuring out where a Chief of Staff fits within your team structure? Download our starter guide.

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