Virtual Chief of Staff Services

Virtual chief of staff services to support executive leaders

As an executive, what if there was a way to refine your focus, better prioritize strategic key initiatives, while promoting team growth and success? vChief’s experienced chief of staff network works side-by-side with executive leaders, offering strategic counsel, key leadership and day-to-day management. This allows business leaders to maximize their time and more effectively lead transformational projects, teams, business units and organizations.

Virtual Chief of Staff Services

vChief provides virtual chief of staff services to start-ups, small businesses, non-profits and education-based organizations across a variety of industries.


Our highly educated and experienced team serves in a strategic advisory role, providing leadership, day-to-day support and industry-specific expertise to the leaders they serve. This allows an organization's executives to focus on large strategic initiatives that support the long-term health of their team and organization.

vChief is staffed with individuals with Master's degrees and a breadth of experience across organizations and industries. To gain the right fit, vChief performs a comprehensive needs assessment to understand the best way a virtual chief of staff can support you and your organization.

What are a chief of staff's responsibilities?

Strategic Time Management and Prioritization

  • Setting your professional priorities

  • Measuring  ways time is currently spent and assessing against priorities

  • Acting as "gatekeeper"

  • Reviewing external requests

  • Ensuring sufficient work, planning, and thinking time

Strategic Planning

  • Drafting strategic, business and/or growth plans

  • Setting organizational priorities, goals, metrics

  • Creating dashboards to monitor progress to goals

Project Management

  • Project planning & execution

  • Ensuring on-time deliverables

  • Research and data analysis

  • Data-driven recommendations and solutions


A vChief chief of staff can make a big impact.


  • Drafting reports, newsletters and speeches

  • Creating presentations

  • Inbox support and drafting emails

  • Managing and monitoring social media accounts

Team Management

  • Supporting clients with their direct reports

  • Directly managing administrative staff or other team members

Human Resources

  • Recruiting, interviewing and hiring

  • Creating and leading trainings

  • Performance reviews

  • Team culture building

  • Liaise with internal HR team


  • Designing efficient systems and processes

  • Planning team meetings, conferences and board meetings

  • Meeting follow up

  • Action planning

  • Knowledge management


  • Budget creation

  • Ongoing budget management

  • Liaise with accountants

"While we were staffing up, I needed someone who could jump in fast to free up my capacity as the CEO...She was highly organized, efficient, a great problem solver and great at building systems. I valued her strategic thought partnership and she provided me with helpful constructive feedback and suggestions. I would highly recommend vChief to any CEO looking to spend more time on their biggest priorities!" 

Does your organization need a virtual chief of staff?

Need help asking the right questions or figuring out where a Chief of Staff fits within your team structure? Download our starter guide.

"vChief matched me with a chief of staff who understood my needs and how to work effectively in a way that matches our start-up culture. Sarah is working independently to solve systems challenges I have no time to take on. Great service."