Maximize your time by aligning it with your personal and organizational priorities.

Virtual Chief of Staff

We lead strategic planning, manage projects, support internal and external communications, plan events & conferences, and create systems and processes that enable teams to operate at peak capacity.

Interim Support

We do a comprehensive needs assessment to understand the best way a virtual chief of staff can support you and your organization. Below is a list of the ways we support clients.

  • Strategically planning leaders’ time

  • Organizing meetings and events

  • Creating systems and processes

  • Researching and analyzing data

  • Drafting communications

  • Managing projects

  • Building budgets

  • Recruiting and hiring

We support organizations by filling critical gaps when a team member is on leave or in periods of transition. vChief provides interim support in key areas such as:

  • Management

  • Operations

  • Strategy

  • Human resources

  • Communications

  • Finance

“As a startup CEO, there are so many needs that you are trying to fill. Our vChief, Ami, has come in and filled so many gaps. She is my right-hand when it comes prepping for board meetings. She has stepped in and built processes for us around operations and finance that has allowed us to step up our game in a major way. Ami is also a great sounding board - sometimes you need someone to knock ideas against for feedback. If we didn’t have a vChief we’d still be trying to tread water as an organization. Instead, we’re swimming downstream because of Ami.”

- Aaron Walker, Founder & CEO, Camelback Ventures

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