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Meet the Team

Blaise Maccarrone
Placement Coordinator
MS, University of Southern Maine
BA, College of the Atlantic


Blaise comes to vChief, in the Placement Coordinator role, after having spent over twenty years in post-secondary and global education positions at a diverse set of non-profits, colleges, and universities. Having started her career in college admissions, then moving into academic and global education advising, she is highly skilled at supporting people in accessing innovative and individualized educational paths, as well as in best practices in recruitment and retention. Her experience in international project management, board management, and US Department of State visa compliance has honed her skills in working with diverse perspectives, and across time zones, to achieve pragmatic and positive outcomes for her teams and organizations, and those they serve. In addition to these operational roles, Blaise has extensive experience as an intercultural trainer and team manager, and enjoys coaching people in working appropriately and effectively across cultures, as well as building trainings that support diverse learning and communication styles.

Blaise has a BA in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic, and a Masters in Counseling, with a specialization in School Counseling, from the University of Southern Maine. She finds the skills and awareness gained from these degrees support her in being an empathetic colleague and coach, and a creative project and people manager. 

In her work and life Blaise is curious; always excited to learn something she didn’t know the day before, from a new CRM to a complicated recipe. She is a reader, baker, traveler, and local organization volunteer in her free time.

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