Meet the Team

Jamie T.
MST, Pace University
BA, The George Washington University

Jamie is passionate about educational equity and empowering leaders engaged in this important work. Jamie has experience working as both a teacher and administrator within traditional public and charter schools.  Her passions include creating experiences that enhance curriculum, hiring the best teachers and designing systems that allow educators to focus on student achievement while maintaining compliance. Through her four years as an English Language Arts teacher in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, Jamie saw that instilling a love of reading and achievement in her students was only one piece of a complex puzzle. She began to crowdsource funding for trips and resources for her students so that they could see opportunities outside of the pages they read. This led to a passion for operations and she worked her way from an Operations associate to the founding Director of Operations at an independent charter school. Jamie loves the opportunity to share lessons, implement controls, and apply/design systems with education leaders. 


Most recently, Jamie has focused on designing and implementing systems to support the unique talent needs of independent charter schools, conducting school quality reviews, and drafting reports for charter school leaders. When she is not consulting, Jamie also tries to create systems for her husband and toddler sons, but acknowledges varying degrees of success with those projects. 

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