Meet the Team

Laura K.
BE, Michigan State University

Laura has worked in education reform for over 15 years and is particularly passionate about improving teacher development and support.

After becoming a top-rated teacher at Mastery Charter Schools in Philadelphia, Laura left the classroom to work as an instructional coach for the network. She went on to become the Acting Director of Humanities, where she set the vision for instruction and teacher development, and led a team of Assistant Directors who supported school leaders. Together they built content knowledge, set more impactful goals, and improved their strategic planning. Laura has also served as the founding director of Teacher Residency at Belmont Charter Network where she developed a program to support aspiring teachers committed to serving the Belmont community.

Laura currently teaches in Myanmar. When she’s not in the classroom or exploring Southeast Asia, she can be found building a model for sustained teacher support. She knows that all students deserve high-quality instruction, and believes this can be achieved if schools have high-impact, low-cost options for professional development.

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